Marko went to a well know London based Drama School East 15n in years 2011-2013. He was priviliged to study with Dee Cannon who was the main acting teacher in Royal Academic of Dramatic Arts RADA. RADA is the most respected acting school in London.He graduated from Master of fine arts in acting program. Part of his studies included a trip to GITIS Moscow where he studied acting in very original Stanislavskian way. Before East 15n he studied acting in Heo  and Jamilahti which are schools who provide one year acting courses for driven actors.

  • University of Essex East 15 Acting School - Master of fine arts 
  • Heo - Drama School (Helsinki)
  • Jamilahti - Musical theatre school (Hamina)


  • Stag Weekend - in production (Release 2023)
  • Mun Kaupunki - My City Strong supporting
  • Verimalja - Chalice of Blood Lead
  • The Last Cowboy Supporting
  • Rotsi - Fat Rat Jacket Lead
  • Salatut Elämät Sarja- Secret Lives serie Guest Star
  • Rantabaari - Beach Bar Guest Star


 > TPS (Hockey team) 100 years 

 >  OSS Winter

 > McDonalds

> Veikkaus 

THEATRE (Most important)

 My most beloved characters.

  • Burnout: Hän (Monoloque)
  • Anthony ja Kleopatra - Anthony and Kleopatra: Sextus Pompey
  • Onnen numerot - Lucky Numbers: Sipe
  • Hiljaiset sillat - The Bridges of Madison County: Michael Johnson
  • Woyzeck: Woyzeck
  • Ovella- At the Door: Writer
  • Kirsikkapuutarha- Cherry Orchard: Gajev
  • Aarresaari - Treasure Island: Long John Silver
  • Punainenviiva - Redline - Young Priest
  • Vaimoke - Wifelet: Esko Latva
  • Sarvikuono - Rhinoceros: Jean  
  • Kuningas Ubu eli Puolalaiset - King Ubu and the Polish: King Ubu  


> Keijujen kuningas King of fairies 

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